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Fly Gym

Fly Gym is a hybrid modality of aerial yoga, spinal traction, and active stretch. Utilizing hammocks, straps, cuffs, and rings, it provides customizable therapy for joints and spine, along with strength building.


We offer  Six levels of Pole  Classes. Each level incorporates a large selection of moves, climbs, spins and routines which students learn over time. As you advance, you will be confident in performing a selection of moves, linking them together as well as increases in strength, flexibility and muscle tone.
Our studio is proud to offer poles from XPole, Lupit, and LilMynx.  Ranging in size from 40cm to 50cm, students can choose from Stainless, Chrome, Powder Coated, and Brass finishes, depending on their individual preferences.

Strength and Flexibility

Our mission is to empower humans to stretch into the unknown and find joy in being alive.
A healthy, high-functioning body must have both strength and flexibility in order to move through the world with grace and ease. Our methods safely and effectively build these two attributes together through a variety of techniques drawn from dance, circus, pilates, and the latest in sports science.

Classes: Classes
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